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Driving Change

Why do we over-complicate Jesus?  Why do we over analyze the relationship we have with Him? We make it conditional for Him to move in our lives and conditional for us to receive from Him.  We often end up full of guilt and overwhelmed by doubt in our relationship with God.  We allow hard questions and issues get in the way from intimacy with Him.

We let confusion rule our minds.  We get exhausted by life and tired just thinking about the effort to spend time with Him.  This paves a way to laziness and more guilt. Its easier to turn on the tv and watch a movie or stream some media.  We turn on music, overload on sports storylines, and get abducted by social media.  We have pressure to spend all our waking moments cleaning the house, raising children, involved in our work, or delving into social issues.

Hanging out with Jesus is absolutely the hardest decision to make every day.


Lets lead a revolution. Lets transform the way we think and process our agendas and our daily routines.  Lets simply choose to allow Holy Spirit the freedom to run our day; to start living life instead of just going through it.

We don’t have to compartmentalize our time, our energy, or relationship with Jesus any more. He is woven into the fabric of every minute of every day.  We have to step aside and let Him ignite an awakening of the Spirit of God within our hearts, as well as others, by living IN the Kingdom, not for the Kingdom. This is the life of an incendiary.


Our goal is to assist you in the journey of life no matter where you are at. - apart from condemnation and full of tender mercy and love.  We provide streetwear, events, mission opportunities, multiple resources, and media outlets with the primary goal of allowing each person to engage in a more intimate relationship with Jesus, leading an incendiary lyfe.

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